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What is JurisRéférence ?


JurisRéférence is a web platform that allows you to search and find the perfect resources for your legal needs. From legal consultation to the preparation of a case for the Small Claims Court, JurisRéférence will help you find all the help you need. Simply fill a web form with relevant and necessary information and it will be transmitted directly to targeted legal resources with the ability to help you, regardless of region, type of mandate or referred law.

You are then put in contact with lawyers simply and confidentially. After receiving your request, only your name will be revealed to the lawyer so he can comply to requirements from his practice to avoid any conflict of interest. If no conflict is identified, he can access information related to your request and accept it or not. A legal resource is then contacting you as soon as your application is accepted! JurisRéférence is completely free of charge for any user who is seeking the services of a legal resource. There are no hidden fees and no banking information is requested.

Step 1

Complete a questionnaire online to describe your case and submit it on JurisRéférence

Step 2

Create your citizen account online, providing us the basic information we need to process your request

Step 3

A legal resource is contacting you as soon as your application is accepted!

Learn about your rights and obligations

To help you find the right lawyer or better prepare your meetings with your legal team, learn more about the laws governing your case, your rights and your obligations. The website will explain, in an easy-to-understand way, certain legal aspects that are crucial to your case. Being well-informed can help you save time and money! Get started today!