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This document contains the Privacy Policy (the “Policy” ) implemented by Juris Concept ( “Juris Référence” , “we” or “us), owner and operator of the lawyer-client matchmaking service (the “Service”) provided on the site hosted at or at any other address to which it could be added or by which it could be substituted (the “Site” ).

This Policy applies to Juris Référence’s actions in regard to personal information and, as the case may be, to confidential and/or sensitive information (collectively, the “Information” ) owned by individuals or companies that are registered on the Site as lawyers (depending on the context, the “User(s)” , the“Lawyer(s)” , or “you” ).

This Policy acquaints you with the manner in which we ensure that your personal and/or sensitive information is preserved and that your privacy is respected. This Policy particularly deals with the following queries :

What is covered by the definition of “personal information”?

1. How is my Information gathered ?
2. How is my Information used ?
3. How is my Information protected ?
4. Do you use Cookies ?
5. For how long is my Information saved ?
6. Who ensures that my Information is accurate and updated ?
7. Can this Policy be amended or altered ?
8. How can we contact Juris Référence ?

i. What does « personal information or data » refer to ?

« Personal information or data » is information relating to, and making it possible to, identify any given person. For instance, personal information or data can relate to any name, contact information, code giving access to any Internet site and also relate to any information that is of a sensitive, confidential or private nature, more particularly at the financial or legal level as far as that person is concerned.

1. How is my Information gathered ?

Juris Référence collects your Information within the limits of what is necessary to carry out its mission. In order for you to register to the Site as a user of the Service and sign up for an account that will grant you access to the various functionalities offered, we need to collect some mandatory information that allow us to identify you, including, but not limited to, your email address, your chosen password (confidential), your first and last names, your job occupation, the name of the company you work for and your title (if any), your or your company’s complete address, and your telephone and fax numbers.

All the personally-identifiable Information entered in your account is only accessible by you, Juris Référence, and the lawyer chosen by the service.

a. Information sharing between Users and Lawyers

i. With respect to Users

Counsel registered with the Service shall be subject to the rules of professional conduct applicable to all members of the Quebec Bar, more particularly including the rule governing professional secrecy. The latter are also committed to maintaining the privacy of any information received by and/or exchanged with Users in connection with the Service, regardless of the existence of any counsel-client relationship or of any mandate, and to use said information only in accordance with the stringent terms and conditions to which they have agreed.

ii. With respect to counsel

Users registered on the Site as well as Juris Référence shall be entitled to access information registered in counsel profiles strictly for administrative purposes. Registered counsel have acknowledged and agreed that Users shall be entitled to access said information in connection with use of the Site by Users.

Registered counsel shall be prohibited from creating any database allowing any subsequent transmission to Site Users, through bulk E-Mailings, save where User has expressly requested to be entered on the mailing list of any particular registered counsel. In such case, the counsel in question shall be responsible for seeing to it that the sender and the nature of the message be clearly indicated on any message sent in this way and that recipients be given an opportunity to unsubscribe from the mailing list. In the latter case, said recipients shall immediately be unsubscribed from counsel’s mailing list and their contact information deleted from any active databases, and kept for archiving purposes as an inactive contact for the required prescribed term.


2. How is my Information used ?

We assure you that Juris Référence will under no circumstances ever sell, disclose or exchange your Information to any third party without your consent except where deemed necessary in order to carry out your instructions or in accordance with the provisions of this Policy.

Should we ever wish to use or to disclose your Information for purposes different from those purposes specifically outlined in this Policy, we undertake to do so only with your assent. Depending on the nature of the information and on any statutory or regulatory requirements applicable thereto, your assent may be given orally, or by signing a form or by sending a letter for that purpose or else implicitly, in certain cases where your assent can easily be ascertained.

Your Information is used as follows :

a. In connection with the management of our services

In most cases, we use your Information in order to perform our services, as more fully described in section 1 of this Policy and sometimes in order to solve technical problems.

You are always entitled to access and to change or amend the Information as well as any information of a general nature found in your account.

Where it has been registered, we use your E-Mail address to contact you as and when required. You undertake to keep said address active for as long as you use the Site. Should you change your contact information, you must promptly change your account accordingly.

b. In connection with services offered by our outside suppliers (subcontractors)

Juris Référence is entitled to call upon outside suppliers in their capacity as subcontractors to provide top-quality service in certain specific fields. In that context, some of your Information may be sent to these suppliers. The latter undertake to comply with the provisions of this Policy and shall use any Information thus sent solely in connection with services intended for Juris Référence.

Nevertheless, should said outside suppliers wish to directly ask you to provide any additional information (e.g. in order to analyse your use of said services), you should receive advance notification thereof. Should you decide to provide this information, the outside supplier’s Privacy Policy shall thereupon apply to said communication.

c. Within the context of any legal obligation

Juris Référence may need to access your Information and to disclose same to the appropriate persons or authorities should this be necessary in order to comply with any legal obligations or in order to comply with any court injunction, to secure and to assert it’s rights or to enforce the terms and conditions of Web Site use and that of any services offered thereon.


3. How is my Information protected ?

Juris Référence shall more particularly comply with the Canadian Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act and with the Quebec Act Respecting the Protection of Personal Information in the Private Sector. Juris Référence shall take different measures to ensure the integrity and privacy of your Information and designed to prevent the loss or theft of your Information, as well as any replication, modification, alteration, use, consultation and unauthorized disclosure thereof. Our Site is protected by means of technologies recognized throughout the industry, more particularly by means of the SSL Standard (128 byte encryption code).

Only authorized staff shall be allowed and entitled to access your Information, solely for the purposes set out herein or dictated by the service being offered. Agreements have also been entered into between Juris Référence and its employees and subcontractors providing that your Information shall be used in accordance with this Policy and with all applicable statutes, legislation, rules and regulations.

However, given the fact that no system is infallible, we cannot vouch for the absolute security of your Information.


4. Do you use Cookies ?

A cookie is a small text file containing a single identification number transferred from a Site to your computer’s hard disk (« Cookies »). A Cookie makes it possible to distinctly identify Site-users and to monitor some of their on-Site activities.

Juris Référence uses Cookies exclusively to improve the quality of its Site and that of its services, for instance in order to find statistical information respecting Site attendance and how different features are used or in order to provide users with improved on-Site navigation experiences, for instance by storing selections made during previous Site visits.

Juris Référence shall use cookies exclusively in order to gather Information, in accordance with this Policy.


5. For how long is my Information saved ?

Juris Référence shall retain your Information only during the time required to use the services offered on-Site for their intended purposes.

In order to provide you with the best possible access to the information you have entered in your profile, we retain said information for as long as your account is open, so as to for instance make it possible for you to track a message you have sent or to look-up your contact list.

Where the account of any User or registered counsel has not been accessed during an uninterrupted period of two (2) years, it will be closed by Juris Référence where User fails to give any instruction to the contrary within ten (10) days after the (E-Mail) transmission by Juris Référence to User of notification to that effect.

In any other case, unless it has any legal obligation to the contrary, Juris Référence shall delete or erase any and all Information and other pieces of information contained in the account of any registered User or counsel as soon as the latter’s account is closed.

Any Information collected in connection with statistical analyses may be kept for an indeterminate period, nevertheless, it is understood and agreed that such reports shall make it impossible to identify you or to access any other information not personally concerning you.


6. Who ensures that my Information is accurate and updated ?

You are fully responsible for the establishment and management of your account and profile. You alone are responsible for making sure that the Information and any other information registered in your account is accurate and up-to-date.


7. Can this Policy be amended or altered ?

This Policy may be updated from time to time, Juris Référence reserving the right to amend or alter said Policy at its option through the addition or deletion of certain terms and conditions.

In order to help you find any amendments or alterations made to the Policy, as the case may be, we will clearly display modification dates on the Policy and/or in a space provided for that purpose on the Site.


8. How can we contact Juris Référence ?

Should you have any questions regarding this Policy, its last updates, our practices in terms of collection, use, conservation, or disclosure of your Information, please contact us by email or by mail at the following address:

Juris Concept
2700 rue Jean-Perrin, bureau 400
Québec, Qc,
G2C 1S9